Pest Control for Spiders



Amongst the different kinds of creepy crawly creatures that we hate and always tend to avoid, spiders top the chart. Their gruesome appearance and nasty webs always cause goose bumps.

About 40,000 different varieties of spiders are available on earth, of which some are really dangerous while the others are not. In an average household, we can find both harmful and harmless spiders.

However, identifying them is quite difficult and therefore it is best to remove all of them from your household.They usually make their nest in the dark and damp areas of our house, therefore the best way to deal with them is keeping your house clean and regularly dusting of the different nooks and corners. 

However, regular cleaning each and every part of the house is not a feasible option. Here comes the role of the trained pest controllers who will be able to deal with the problem efficiently.  

The technicians at Modern Pest Services would at first identify and examine the areas in your house where the maximum number of spiders have built their nests. Thereafter, they will remove all the cobwebs scientifically so that you would not get to see even one of these species wandering in your house. 

Dark and dingy crack and holes are the favorite dwelling place of the spiders so we would seal all these cracks and crevices so that they do not get the opportunity to build their nest again in these areas.

After that, we will spray the entire house with nontoxic sprays to keep the spiders away. We use only nontoxic and eco-friendly sprays that would not cause any harm to the inhabitants of the house or the environment around us.

The sprays used by us would not leave behind any marks on the wall. We will help to make your home a better and healthier place to live in.

Avoiding Spider Bites 

Spiders generally prefer to live in undisturbed areas. 

Places where spiders are commonly found include the crawl spaces beneath homes,piles of stored lumber, hollow tile blocks, among stored items on shelves, behind shutters, in the folds of little-used clothing and shoes,within piles of old newspapers, and under objects in dark, little-disturbed areas. 

Although outdoor-living spiders also prefer quiet areas, web-builders may position their webs near lighted doorways to catch insects attracted to the light.  

The use of “bug lights” (outdoorelectric lights that give off a yellow illumination designed not to attractinsects) will prevent web-building behavior. 

Spider bites may occur when people put their hands into garden or household gloves that have been lying in a disused area, their feet into shoes that have not been worn for awhile, or when someone picks up and dons an article of clothing that has been lying unused on the floor or in a closet. 

On such occasions, the spider bites as it is about to be crushed.  

Some Red Back Spider bites occur because people unwittingly reach into or bump their webs and stimulate an attack.

Unpacking long-stored cardboard boxes is one method of encountering spiders in this manner and therefore it is prudent to use gloves when handling anything that has been stored for long period of time in sheds or work shops.

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